Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences Tian He Gave A Lecture at “Boling Forum”

Recently, renowned chemist, Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Professor of East China University of Science and Technology Tian He gave a lecture to undergraduates of Chemistry at Nankai University’s “Boling Forum”. The lecture was hosted by Dean of College of Chemistry Chen Jun at the auditorium of Shixian Building on Balitai campus. 

Academician Tian He began his lecture from the definition of targeted chemistry. Then he proposed three spiraling research systems, i.e., super-molecular topology, molecular machine topology and molecular topology on the basis of the achievements on molecular machine by three Nobel Prize Laureates in Chemistry Jean-Pierre Sauvage, J. Fraser Stoddar and Bernard L. Feringa. Molecular machine was derived from Prof. Rechard Feynman’s speech in 1984 and developed with the unremitting efforts of Chemists and Physicists to realize the synthesis and representation of catenane, rotaxane, molecular motor and molecular lift, thus becoming one of the most hotspot research fields in chemistry and playing a significant role in the future.

Reported by Guo Dongsheng

Translated by Ada Yan  

Nankai University

No.38 Tongyan Road, Jinnan District, Tianjin , P.R. China 300350

No.94 Weijin Road,  Nankai District, Tianjin, P.R.China  300071



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