NKU Students Won the Second Gold Medal in International Genetically Engineered Machine Competition 2017

International Genetically Engineered Machine Competition 2017 (iGEM Competition 2017) ended in Boston in the afternoon of November 13th (ET). The delegation of Nankai University won the gold medal for the second time after their first championship last year.

The delegation of Nankai University aimed at enhancing oil productivity through the controllable production of cellulose and rhamnolipid after the improvement of Enterobacter Cloacae FY-07. Prof. Ma Ting and Prof. Chen Defu from College of Life Sciences served as the instructors of the project. Top Talent Cultivation Program of Boling College and School of Chemistry provided strong support for the delegation. 

iGEM began in January 2003 as an independent study course at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) where students developed biological devices to make cells blink. The competition attracted a number of world famous universities such as Harvard University, MIT and University of Oxford. Founded in 2014, NKU iGEM team received bronze medal in 2015 and the first gold medal in 2016.

iGEM has provided a platform for challenges and exchanges among students in the field of synthetic biology.The students are required to select topics independently and finish experiments in their spare time. The participants should submit their research results to the organizing committee of MIT for the sharing of research achievements among global scientists. iGEM enjoys the attention of top academic journals such as Nature, Science, Scientific American and Economists every year, thus winning a lot of overseas media coverage.

Reported by Wu Junhui and Lin Chunhui

Translated by Ada Yan



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