83 Employers Provided 865 Positions for Nankai Students

December 1st, Nankai University’s On-Campus Recruitment Fair for Graduates in 2018 was held at the Students Activity Center on Balitai campus. This year, Nankai University’s Student Career Center selected 83 enterprises and public institutions form 304 candidates, which provided approximately 865 positions covering finance and investments, biomedicine, network technologies, property and education consultation. According to statistics, a total of 947 students participated in the recruitment fair including 384 on-campus students and 563 off-campus students.

The total number of the university’s graduates in 2018 is approximately 7,000 students, among which about 5,000 students will become job hunters this year.

On September 23rd, President Xi Jinping wrote a letter in reply to the 8 newly recruited Nankai students and spoke highly of their ambitions and actions in serving their motherland. Under the guideline of the spirit of President Xi’s letter of reply, the university issued special documents to support graduates in search job in grassroots community in 2013 and 2016. In this regard, special commendation meetings and farewell meetings have been held annually to reward graduates starting their career in western China and joining the army. So far, the rewards paid have accumulated to more than 1 million RMB. In 2017, the university has rewarded 297 graduates, among which the number to grassroots community has increased by 124 percent.

Reported and photographed by Ma Chao

Translated by Ada Yan

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