Dr. Nicholas J. Belkin Gave A Lecture at NKU

At the invitation of Department of Information Resources Management, Business School of Nankai University, Dr. Nicholas J. Belkin, the world –renowned information scientist and Distinguished Professor of Rutgers University, paid a visit to Nankai University from December 6th to 9th and gave a lecture to students at Business School. The lecture had attracted more than a hundred students from Nankai University and Tianjin Normal University.

On the morning of December 7th, Dr. Belkin gave a lecture on “Exploring Information Seeking and Searching Intentions: An Overview of Recent Research at Rutgers University”, during which he introduced the major conclusions his research team had drawn on recognizing and understanding users’ searching intention.

Nicholas J. Belkin is a Distinguished Professor at the School of Communication and Information at Rutgers University. He has received Doctoral Degree of Information Science, whose supervisor was Dr. B. C. Brooks, the founder of Information Science and visiting professor of University of Western Ontario, University of London, National University of Singapore and University of Tampere. Dr. Belkin has served as President of ACM SIGIR and President of ASIST. He has also received Outstanding Teacher Award, Outstanding Research Award and Lifetime Achievement Award. With his major and persistent contribution to information seeking, he received Gerald Salton Award, the highest award of ACM SIGIR.

Reported by Li Yuelin and Fan Zhenjia

Translated by Ada Yan


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