2018 Student Winter Social Practice [Chapter I]

Nankai Reading Room Established in Chaling County, Hunan Province

January 25th, a Nankai Reading Room was established in Chengxi Primary School in Chaling County, Hunan Province. The winter social practice team from Zhou Enlai School of Government donated more than 500 books to the school.

The team has contacted with Chengxi Primary School and learned their need beforehand. By means of the donations on campus and in the communities, the team collected more than 500 books in three days.

Reported by Longhan Yin

The Social Practice Team of Nankai University’s Association for Science and Technology Visited Yan’an

In late January, the key members of Nankai University’s Association for Science and Technology visited Yan’an, the place of revolution in China. They carried out a research on the development of red tourism and the strategy of rural revitalization.

On January 24th, the team had a field research in 898 Innovation Space, which is an innovative town in Yan’an. Wei Yuan and Rui Zhao, managers of Marketing Department and Operation Department of Yan’an 898 Innovative Science and Technology Ltd., introduced the general situation to the Nankai students. On January 26th, the team conducted a research on red tourism. Dongpo Ma, Director of Yan’an Tourism Development Committee, had a meeting with the team members, during which they discussed about the current situation, industrial planning and customer experience of Yan’an red tourism and proposed possible ways of the cooperation between Nankai and Yan’an red tourism.

Reported by Xiuyan Wang, Xuerou Zhao, Limin Zhuo and Lian Liu


Nankai Students Contributed to the Establishment of Reading Room in Their Hometown Hequ County

On January 29th, a Nankai Reading Room was established at Xunzhen Junior High School, Hequ County, Shanxi Province. The 6 Nankai students, led by Fan Qinyi, donated more than 800 books to the school. Though they come from different grades and majors at Nankai University, they shared a common wish of contributing to the education in their hometown.

The team had started to collect the fund and books for the reading room since January 21st. Till the inauguration of the Nankai Reading Room, they had collected more than 650 books and over 2,500 yuan. The team bought more than 150 new books with the donation.

Reported by Haishu Liu


Nankai Social Practice Team Had a Research on Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Biological Education

Recently, the winter social practice team of College of Life Sciences had a research in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei Province. They learned supply and demand of talent in life sciences as well as the current picture of China’s education on life sciences.

All the members were divided into two teams. One team visited colleges of life science of the universities in Beijing and Tianjin, and the other carried out field research and telephone interviews with some biological companies. The research teams will collect all the precious records and finish a report at the end of the event.

Reported by Zhihao Pang

Translated by Yuchen Shi

Proofread by Ruoyan Yan


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