The 26th Nankai University’s Foreign Languages Festival

On March 31st, the 26th Nankai University’s Foreign Languages Festival was held at Dazhong Road, Balitai campus. More than 10,000 participants enjoyed the wonderful cultural feast.

As a special activity of the 26th Foreign Languages Festival, a carnival was designed to provide audience a unique multi-cultural fair in the forms of interesting scientific exhibitions and cultural experience. Altogether 42 exhibition stands were arranged from the perspectives of academic exchanges, academic culture and academic atmosphere. The participants could gain special “corns” through knowledge learning, cultural quiz and language teaching during their visits to different stands of counties including China, the United States, the Great Britain, France, Germany, Russia, Japan, Spain, Portugal and Italy. The participants could pay for delicious foreign food or exotic culture experience by their “corns”.

With the theme of “Learn Both Chinese and Western Culture, Translate the World Languages”, the festival of this year is consisted of three sections including “Academic Exchanges”, “Academic Atmosphere”, and “Academic Culture”. A number of activities had been held during the festival such as Beijing-Tianjin Invitational Tournament of the debate with British parliamentary system, Liang Yu Translation Competition, and the campus election of National Interpretation Competition. 

Reported by Ruiyi Liu

Translated by Yuchen Shi

Translated by Ruoyan Yan

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