A Student from Nankai University Wins the “Traditional Chinese Culture Talent” Final

The first session of the Chinese Students Constellation and “Traditional Chinese Culture Talent” was hosted by the Central Committee of the Communist Young League, National Students League, the Working Committee of Young Pioneers and the government of Shandong Province. Recently, the final results were announced and Zhang Haosu from the College of Art of Nankai University and the representative of Tianjin won the championship of the university group and became the lone first prize winner.

Zhang was admitted into Nankai University at the age of 15 and gained degrees in both art and history. In 2013, Zhang became a postgraduate student studying Chinese Classical Texts, learning from famous scholars Prof. Chen Hong and Vice Prof. Yang Hongsheng. In 2014, Zhang published two monographs about two Chinese poets, Qu Yuan and Su Shi named Qu Yuan: the model of Native Vowel and Su Shi: Forthright and Sincere characters last forever. He also won the Nankai Special Scholarship for Master Student of the year, competing against even PhD students, and became the only postgraduate student who has won the scholarship in last three years.

   Moreover, Zhang Haosu started to learn chess when he was a child. He was awarded the title of National Athlete and the title of National Chess Master.

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