Undergraduates of School of Medicine Joined the Summer Program of Massachusetts General Hospital

The undergraduates of School of Medicine, Nankai University, completed their summer program co-hosted by Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts General Hospital and Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging on Aug. 12th. During the 2-week program, top experts, doctors and scientists with Harvard Medical School participated in the curriculum design and English-taught courses, which was aimed at extending and improving students’ research thoughts.

Among the 20 participants of the program who mostly come from School of Medicine, 3 students has received the “Award of Outstanding Performance” granted by Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging.

Since the 1st Short-term Overseas Program for Students of School of Medicine has seen a successful completion, School of Medicine will promote the internationalization of medical education through holding such programs during summer or winter vacations. During the 1st session, Prof. Rong Xiang, dean of the school, paid a special visit to the teachers and students in Boston.

Source: Nankai News

Written by Yan Zhang

Edited by Ruoyan Yan

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