Voice of International Students: “It is Happy to Study in Nankai University”

It is happy to study in Nankai University. Not only do Chinese teachers and students believe in this, but also international students feel the same because of its outstanding academic atmosphere, friendship and smooth cross-cultural communication.

“My ‘story of Nankai’ began when I entered the university in 2014,” said Anna, a Russian students from College of Chinese Language and Culture, “I can still recall my first experience in Nankai when I was standing at the East Gate, 17 years old, with two pieces of big luggage, not knowing where the dormitory is. Now five years have passed, I am twenty-two. Having finished my undergraduate study, I stay in Nankai to continue my graduate school life. For me, Nankai is not only a university with a long history, but also an important part of my life. With the guidance and care of teachers, I got to know Tianjin, the gorgeous city, and Nankai, a beautiful university from different perspectives; with the company and help of friends, I had many good times. Last year, I joined the photography studio of the university, learning photography, and became a photographer, spending my spare time recording the beauty around me and winning a prize in the photography competition for international students in Tianjin. Nankai stands for the beginning of my youth and I will further my understanding of the motto of “dedication to the public interests, acquisition of all-round capability and aspiration for progress with each passing day” in the future. I am very grateful to my parents for giving me this opportunity to study in China and in Nankai, the first-class university. How happy I am to grow up with Nankai!”

"As a junior in Nankai University, I still feel fresh every time I return to school," said Barina, a Russian student from Zhou Enlai School of Government, “I still remember my first Advanced Mathematics class at the beginning of the freshman year. When I arrived at the classroom 40 minutes in advance, I found that the classroom was full of students, so it took me for a while to find a seat. Half an hour before class began, the classroom was very quiet. The three female students in front of me were preparing their lessons, and they could answer every question. At that time, I thought students in Nankai were really good. That day, unfortunately, my mobile phone was suddenly turned off. I could not switch it on whatever I tried. I had no choice but to ask a classmate in front of me for help and she patiently solved my cell phone problem, so we became good friends. During the three years of study in Nankai, both my teachers and classmates gave me kind help, which made me feel that I was still at home even in a foreign country. Such a place, with warmth and a strong learning atmosphere, is fascinating. I know that this is my university, the academic palace.

"One month after I first came to China in 2012, I was convinced that China would become a very important part of my life," said David, an American student from Zhou Enlai School of Government. “And that is why, even after I have witnessed the vicissitudes of life, I still believe that the experience in China is the best thing that has ever happened to me. After studying in Nankai for one year, I learned my second language in Haikou, Hainan province. Since I fell in love with the scenery here, I will continue my study of master's degree in Nankai and I firmly believe that the time in this university is the best period of my life. My favorite and best memory in China is in Dali, Yunnan province. I travelled with two Chinese friends and a Japanese friend. I remember we rode electric bikes through the small villages near Dali. On the left side, I could see the snow-capped peaks of Cang Mountain; there was the reflection of the sky in the clear water of Erhai lake on the right. I was startled by the idyllic scene. For most people, this experience may not be that special, but at that moment I felt very calm and happy, and I will always bear it in mind.

Han Maoyu, a Nigerian student from College of Chinese Language and Culture, said: "I feel blessed to study in Nankai, even though I find it difficult to adapt to life in China as an overseas student in China. As we all know, the mastery of a foreign language requires accumulation and unremitting efforts, so it is very boring and difficult in the learning process. However, when I came to College of Chinese Language and Culture in Nankai University, I felt very happy and warm to have so many good friends and teachers. Nankai is my happiness, because all the good things that happened to me, my achievements and honors are inseparable from Nankai. In June last year, with the learning experience in Nankai University, I won the national championship in the second "Chinese English Teaching Idols" competition sponsored by Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban). This is my first championship and my best achievement so far. It is a great honor for me to represent Nankai University in the competition. I hope I can stay in Nankai for further study, because I am very happy in Nankai!

Ouyang Yangyang from Thailand, student of College of Chinese Language and Culture, said, “As I finished my undergraduate study in Tianjin and am studying for the master’s degree at Nankai, I have a special feeling about this place. Every time I walked on campus, I always thought: How happy if I can study in this university. So I decided to stay in Tianjin and further my study at Nankai University. It was not until July last year that I received the letter of admission from Nankai University as well as the scholarship of Confucius Institute, and I was so happy. In September last year, I became a member of Nankai University when I stepped to the campus once again. My classmates come from many different countries, and I am the only Thai in my class. Though I was not adapted to the environment at first, soon I became a member of the big family with the care and support from my teachers and classmates. I also joined many extra-curriculum activities, like sachet making and tea tasting in the Double Ninth Festival, dumpling making in the Spring Festival, Chinese Speech Competition, etc. In this term, I learned rich knowledge and gained friendship. I sincerely appreciate the teacher’s patience and classmate’s assistance. I love College of Chinese Language and Culture! I love Nankai University!”

Qin Menglan, a Armenian student of College of Chinese Language and Culture, said, “I have learned Chinese for four years. With strong interest in Chinese, I chose to further my Chinese study at Nankai University, which is one of the most renowned universities in China, and also the alma mater of Premier Zhou Enlai. In 2017, I started to learn advanced Chinese at College of Chinese Language and Culture, where I continued my master’s study in September 2018. During the period, I gained rich experience and made friends with people from different countries including China. Thanks to the friendliness and high-quality teaching of the teachers, I felt easier to adapt to Chinese custom and life. Moreover, Nankai University organizes many activities every year. We visited many scenic spots in Tianjin and neighboring cities. Many activities are very interesting including the series activities held on Mid-autumn Festival, Double Ninth Festival, the Spring Festival, Lantern Festival, the Dragon Boat Festival, etc. I also had opportunity to attend many Chinese competitions held by the college such as Chinese Speech Contest and Chinese Songs Competition. Besides, I also find it very interesting to have my courses. For instance, I have access to cultural class in Chinese traditional opera and drama. From my perspective, happiness is a best destination in life. Happiness is experiencing new culture, learning new knowledge, making new friends, joining activities and going on trips, I feel happy when I see people around smiling at me, so my recipe for happiness is choosing Nankai University!”

Written by Nie Jici

Edited by Zheng Tingran, Yuchen Shi and Yan Ruoyan

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