The Team from Nankai University Won the First Prize of the 5th “Asian-Pacific Regional Business School Desert Challenge”

Recently, the 5th “Asian-Pacific Regional Business School Desert Challenge” was held in the Tengger Desert (Inner Mongolia). Nankai University’s students participated once again in the “Asian-Pacific Regional Business School Desert Challenge”, competing against students from more than 70 national and international schools. After a series of difficult challenges, Nankai University MBA Voyager Team placed 11th, and finally was awarded the “Sandbird Prize”, first prize of the Desert Challenge.

To prepare for the Desert Challenge and form the successful participating team composed of 24 people, Nankai University MBA Voyager Team experienced a six-month period of laborious training sessions and three strict preliminary rounds. Prof. Xue Hongzhi, Vice Director of Nankai University’s Business School, led the team and planned useful tactics. To protect themselves against the various challenges of the desert, including strong wind, burning sun, heavy rain, hunger, and muscle strain, the team members instantly planned different tactics and strategies, defeating difficulties and fears, and giving each other help and encouragement. They surpassed their own limits, and accomplished the ultimate goal of the competition: travel 70 kilometers in three days. 

Reported by Jia Li

Translated by Fu Linya

Proofread by Letizia Vallini

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