School of Economics’ Outstanding Postgraduates: “We love Nankai so much that we don’t want to leave it”

April 28th, Nankai University’s School of Economics held the Outstanding Postgraduate Sharing Meeting titled “My College Days” and the “2016 Contest for Outstanding Graduates”. 

Wang Haifeng, a PhD student (2013), said that she spent 9 years at Nankai University: she started as an undergraduate and finished as a PhD student. Now that she has to leave the University, she realizes the sense of the sentence “Love for Nankai”. The Outstanding Postgraduate Sharing Meeting built a platform where the students can express their gratitude to the university, sending their best wishes to teachers and classmates, and bidding farewell. The activity aimed at setting up excellent models to show the capacities of School of Economics’ graduates, and, at the same time, it wants to create a place where the graduate students can learn from postgraduates’ experiences. The students not only have the chance to express how they feel about leaving the university, but they can also start their future with the idea of “Unity of Knowledge and Practice” and the words “Dedication to the public interest, acquisition of all-round capabilities” in their hearts.

Reported by Lou Heng

Translated by Li Huan, Shi Yuchen

Proofread by Letizia Vallini

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