Nankai University’s Research Team Cooperated with the “People Daily” in Helping Rural Areas to Sell Overstocked Yams: Reducing Peasant’s Loss by Selling Tens of Thousands Kilos Per Day

“Help! We are ‘Gu De Fu De’ research team of Nankai University. We are trying to help Dixi Village, located in Wangqiao Town (Minquan Province), which is a crucial place for yam plantations in the district of Henan. We found that, due to the remoteness of this place and its poverty, it is hard to communicate with the outside world, and this problem caused the overstocking of a large amount of yams.”

April 7th, one of the editors of the “People Daily”, received Nankai University’s research team’s letter asking for help, and was immediately moved, especially when he saw the pictures. Dixi Village is a poor village of the national impoverished counties, where houses are in ruins. Overstocked yams were orderly stacked inside the backyards, and some unsellable ones just started to rot in the middle of the streets.

“It is too sad.” The editor realized that the hardworking peasants could experience an extreme loss. After asking for details, the editor immediately posted a note on weibo: “Help the peasants! There is a large amount of overstocked yams in Minquan, Henan. There are tens of thousands kilos of yams stocked in every house.” 

After ten minutes, more than thousands users re-posted the message, which has also been reposted by weibo V-celebrities like @Yao Chen. In total, it has been reposted more than 13,500 times.

After the message on People Daily’s weibo, more than 2,000 consumers bought the yams online to help Prof. Zhang Jun, leading teacher of the research team. More than 5,000 kilos of yams were sold that day. 

During those days, Huo Falin, the legal representative of Falin Plant Cooperatives, was busy answering phone calls. “Firms and consumers all over China came to ask about the purchase. Finally, only 50,000 kilos of yam remained unsold, and peasants’ loss has been largely reduced.”

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