Energy and Vitality: Sports Meet Nankai

May 13th -15th, several schools and colleges of Nankai University, including School of Finance and School of Mathematical Sciences, held their sports meetings.  

The theme of School of Finance's sports meeting was“2016 Spring Sports Meeting - Students, Faculties & Graduates' Carnival”. The sport meeting was divided in 12 different competitions: the participants could take part in the games alone or in teams. Students and faculties actively took part in the games together, welcomed by the audience's warmest applauses. In front of the basketball stands, confident students shot perfect shots, while their bodies were drawing beautiful arcs in the air. There were also many girls waiting for their turns to play games. In the gym, what attracted the highest number of people were the group games. Try to win the group games was quite challenging: the crab race, a two-people run, demanded the racers to move in perfect unison, while multiplayer rope skipping and shuttlecock kicking tested players' group work ability.

The dominant events of School of Mathematical Science's sports meeting were 3x3 basketball games, table tennis, basketball shots, and other funny sport games. In addition, a volleyball match was arranged to develop the friendship between teachers and students. All the participants took part in the games with great enthusiasm. During the breaks, some interesting mini-matches, such as table tennis, hula-hoop, and long rope skipping, were carried out. 

In the sports field, happy laughter and cheerful voices welcomed the events. The players were so excited they didn't want to leave the playground. Thanks to these sports meetings, students and teachers have not only tasted the sweet flavor of sports' happiness, but they also discovered the joy of working in teams. 


Reported by Nankai News

Translated by Zhao Meiyuan
Proofread by Letizia Vallini

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