Nankai University’s Students Signed for a “Graduation with good manners”

The “Graduation with good manners” signing activity was held by the College of Foreign Languages. All the students who will graduate from the College in 2016 participated in the activity.

The activity was held for all the graduates, in order to explain them how to stick to the following rules: 

1) Comply with student’s duties and study diligently; 
2) Take care of public properties; 
3) Express personal feelings in a proper way; 
4) Express gratitude to teachers and friends; 
5) Pass on university and colleges’ great traditions. 

Thanks to extensive mobilization and publicity, the activity was very successful: right after the classic graduation photos, about 300 students, including undergraduates, graduates, and doctoral students, gathered to sign a banner to support the activity. Now the banner is hanged on the front wall of the College of Foreign Languages, welcoming teachers and students.

This activity is part of the series “Nankai Dreams Sail to the Sea” 2016 Graduation Activities. The activity’s theme is “Gratitude, Honesty, Civility, Friendship, Patriotism, and Love to Nankai”. Taking “Memory, Gratitude, Feedbacks, Inheritance, and Hardworking” as key words, the activity is divided into two categories: “Nankai’s Mark” and “Let’s Sail Away”. The series includes 12 activities. Meanwhile, other activities were held, as for example the theme class meeting and presentations “Nankai’s Gifts”, “Graduated Angels”, “Nankai: the Best of Me”, “I’m a NankaiER”, etc.

Reported by Zhou Zeen, Liu Weishuang
Translated by Shi Yuchen
Proofread by Letizia Vallini

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