Nankai University’s College of Chinese Language and Culture Held “Foreign Students’ Awarding and Closing Ceremony”

June 6th, Nankai University’s College of Chinese Language and Culture held the “Foreign Students’ Awarding and Closing Ceremony” of the second semester of the academic year 2015-2016.

all over the world successfully accomplished their studies at the College, enriching their lives with many experiences, and understanding Chinese society and culture. He hoped that Nankai would be a starting point for the foreign students, who will bring the spirit of Nankai and Chinese culture back to their countries. He also hoped that the foreign students would come back to Nankai University again in the future to tell their interesting stories.

Prof. Liang Xiaoping, Assistant to the Dean, announced the awarding prizes of the second semester of the year 2015-2016: 58 students were awarded the titles of “Outstanding Student”, “Full Attendance Award”, “Outstanding Monitor”, and “Special Progress Award”. 24 students were awarded first, second, and third prizes of the primary, middle and upper levels of the 3rd “Chinese Characters Heroes Competition”. 6 professors won the “Outstanding Organization Award” for the organization of the competition. The leaders of the College gave certificates and prizes to students and teachers.

Bai Anna, from upper level class 2, gave a speech as representative of the awarded students. She said she has learned a lot during her period in China: she felt happy because she had the chance to have Tibetan friends and learn Tibetan. “I have met many difficulties in my studies, but with my teachers’ support and friends’ help, I solved all the problems. I want to express my sincere gratitude to Chinese teachers and students for their enthusiasm. ”


After the awarding ceremony, the foreign students from all the classes made a special performance: Chinese Classical Clothes Show, Chinese popular ethnic songs, and Tianjin clapper talk showed foreign students’ love for Chinese culture. “Our Class Likes to Dance”, a dance performance made by Middle Class 2-1, showed the exotic characteristics of 13 ethnic groups’ dances. Zhang Dashan and Li Kelai, two students, made an impressive crosstalk show titled “Words”, welcomed by the laughs of the audience. The Awarding and Closing Ceremony came to an end after the performance of the song “Goodbye”.

Reported by Zhang Luyao

Translated by Shi Yuchen
Proofread by Letizia Vallni

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