The Series of Meetings “Let’s Exchange Together” Helped Students to Broaden International Horizons

Zhao Rui, undergraduate (2012) of Nankai University’s School of Finance, collected resources and successfully held the series of meetings “Let’s Exchange Together”, aimed at sharing experiences. She focused on her personal experience in a foreign exchange program, and contacted other students who went abroad to study.

The four online meetings invited 16 guests who have attended short-term exchange programs in different foreign universities. The programs covered 13 countries and regions, like Asia, Europe, America, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, etc. The 763 followers were mainly Nankai’s undergraduate and graduate students who intended to join the exchange programs.

During the meetings, the guests introduced language, daily life, entertainment, price of commodities of the countries and regions where they went during their exchange programs. They also talked about other details of the exchange programs, including university environment, course arrangement, enrollment system, study atmosphere, club organizations etc. Besides, their speeches also focused on the important matters the students will need to know, such as process of application and preparation after the application. During the Q&A session, the experts patiently answered to students’ questions. After the meetings, some assistants prepared detailed documents to share with all the students. Meanwhile, during every meeting, the guests would try their best to be objective and stress that, during the period in the foreign universities, every student will have an individual experience. It is important to help students to choose personalized study plans and programs.

Zhao Rui, the sponsor of the activity, said: “I really appreciate that Nankai University gave me the opportunity to explain the foreign exchange programs. When I selected the school, prepared for the interviews, and applied for the visa, many elder students supported and assisted me. The experience in Finland improved my language and innovative skills very much. I also met many international friends during the exchange. I hope the four online meetings would help younger students to better understand Nankai University’s spring and fall exchange programs, so that they could prepare for the new experience as soon as possible, broadening their horizons.”

Reported by Wang Xiaojuan

Translated by Shi Yuchen
Proofread by Letizia Vallini

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