Students from Nankai University Earned Good Scores Again at the Taekwondo Competition

(Taken from the internet)

Recently, a Taekwondo championship was hosted by the Federation of University Sports of China and undertook by the Yichun city’s Government in the Pine Sports Center of Yichun, Heilongjiang. 1200 students from 117 universities across the country took part in this competition.

Six members of the Taekwondo team from Nankai University was led by their teacher Zhang Huixin. They came a long way to be in Yinchun, Heilongjiang. With tenacious vitality, fighting spirit and exquisite skills, the team fought their way through many difficulties fended off many rivals. After competing fiercely with 1200 students, the team stood out and earned good a score again. Feng Chunxiao became the champion of the athletic women’s 46-kg Level. Zhao Yuting ranked second of the athletic women’s 49-kg Level, while Zhao Bowen ranked second of the athletic men’s 63-kg Level. Although being injured in the competition, Wang Pai still took part in the competition. Suffering from  severe pain during the semi-finals, she fought tenaciously and became the second runner-up of the athletic women’s 67-kg Level. Meanwhile, Zhao Yuting ,the team leader of the Taekwondo team from Nankai University earned the title of “Elite Competitor”. Nankai University ranked third in terms of the total score of the women group.

Three of the four team members who won an award were selected in a sports class by Zhang Huixin. They were trained in their spare time. All of them were chosen to become part of the school’s Taekwondo team with no foundation in Taekwondo at all. Their combined training in and out the class rapidly improved their skills, which finally led them to this award podium.

Reported by Zhang Huixin
Translated by Kong Yankun
Proofread by Lindsay Ragusa

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