College of Electronic Information and Optical Engineering Held the Finals of “Bumper Smart Model Cars”

On July 9, the Finals of “Bumper Smart Model Cars” was held in College of Electronic Information and Optical Engineering of Nankai University.

When the competition started, all participating teams showed their talents, by navigating their racing cars adhering to the given track. “Seeing the smart model car assembled and debugged by myself tracking on the tracks, I feel my heartbeat pound”, participant Deng Yanliang, an undergraduate (2015) of School of Precision Instrument and Opto-electronics Engineering of Tianjin University, said.

The team of Wang Yifan, an undergraduate (2014) of College of Electronic Information and Optical Engineering, was considered as the most struggling team of the competition. Wang introduced that, during the earlier stage of debugging, the cars finished the test run for seven or eight times and gradually accelerated successfully. “But in the formal competition, it failed in finishing the whole course. Maybe it also feels nervous “feels nervous”.” “In addition to professional practice, hardware welding, chip resistor, debugging code in the earlier stages also well-cultivated our focusing and patience.” He added when talking about his gains in participating the competition.

Officials of the Youth League of College of Electronic Information and Optical Engineering said, “‘Bumper Smart Model Cars’ Competition is a classical activity of Nankai University Student Scientific Research Innovation Carnival. This competition combines professionality, individuality, competitiveness and enjoyment, which is welcomed and positively commented by students which is popular among students”.

There are 31 teams applying and joining the competition. 10 teams stood out from the written test and entered the competition of car welding, assembling and programming. 9 teams successfully debugged and attended the finals. The winning teams of the finals will be awarded in the closing ceremony of the Carnival.

Reported by Huo Limin
Translated by Shi Yuchen
Proofread by Ada Yan

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