The Study Activity of Nankai University-Laval University Global Management Education Program (GMEP)

 July 9th to11th, 11 teachers and students from Laval University (Canada) visited the Business School of Nankai University and attended the annual study activity of Nankai University- Laval University Global Management Education Program (GMEP).

In the afternoon of July 9th, the opening ceremony of GMEP was held at Nankai University. Assistant Professor Zhao Wei, Founding Director of GMEP, gave a speech to the Canadian students about GMEP, Tianjin’s history, and development strategies.

In the next two days, GMEP arranged many visits to enterprises and cultural experience activities for the students. Thanks to a visit to the Tianjin Planning Exhibition Hall, the students further understood Tianjin’s urban layout and development plan. They were really interested in Tianjin’s high-speed development in recent years. The students visited Master Kong Company, and understood manufacture and transporting process of instant noodles. Thanks to Tian Di Wei Ye Company, they learned about Chinese most secure monitoring equipments’ manufacture and operations. The students were amazed by the performance of Chinese Kungfu of Huo Yuanjia Civil and Military School. In these short two days, GMEP provided the students of Laval University with a comprehensive and complete experience about the economic and cultural development of China and Tianjin. This was surely an exciting and memorable experience for all the participants. All the students said that, through this activity, they are now able to better understand China, and they hope they would have a chance to come back to Tianjin and study at Nankai University.

In November 2006, Laval University’s Business School and Nankai University signed an Exchange Students Cooperation Agreement which was renewed in 2011. Till now, Laval University has already accepted more than 20 exchange students from Nankai University’s Business School. In these years, the two universities kept friendly relationships. This has been the third time Business School of Laval University attended GMEP since 2014.

Reported by Yang Jianliang
Translated by Shi Yuchen
Proofread by Letizia Vallini

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