​School of Economics' Students Investigated the Socialist New-village Construction in Nanjie Village (Henan)

The social practice team of School of Economics, composed by eight undergraduates, went to Nanjie Village (Linying, Henan) to develop the social work titled “Socialist New-village Construction”. The work aimed at investigating the development of collective economy and villager’s basic life status in Nanjie Village.

Nanjie Village is one of the top ten National Famous Villages for it is a model of collective economy in the countryside basic-level reform. Since the 80s, the whole village took the establishment of a “communist small community” as main goal, constantly improving the strength of collective economy and achieving fruitful results. The team members started field investigations, using videos, questionnaires, meetings, and so on to understand the actual situation of Nanjie Village. Thanks to the help of the officers, the team also visited industrial area, tourism area, educational area, residence area, and other parts of the village. They held a meeting with Teacher Duan of Nanjie Village's Office of Party Committee, where they expressed their feelings and talked about the experience in Nanjie Village.

During the practice, the members realized that all the villagers of Nanjie Village live in apartments provided by the community. The expenses for students' education, young people’s marriages, and funerals are all paied by the community. The village has roads, green areas, cultural and entertaining facilities, just like a suburban city. The beautiful tourist spots, like the Botanical Garden and the mansion based on Chairman Mao’s former residence, attract a lot of tourists.

Except for Henan Nanjie Village Practice Team, during 2016 summer holiday, 15 teams of the College of Economics will travel to 15 provinces and cities in China to do social works. The students of the College of Economics will measure China with their own steps, walking out of the campus and into the society, continuously improving their abilities and skills, and achieving Nankai University's motto “dedication to public interests and acquisition of all-round capability”.

Reported by Lei Zhenni

Translated by Shi Yuchen

Proofread by Letizia Vallini

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