The Social Practice Team of College of Computer and Control Engineering Visited Electronic Business Service Center in Chongxin

On July 26, the Social Practice Team of College of Computer and Control Engineering visited and interviewed Electronic Business Service Center in Chongxin. Accompanied were officials of the Youth League Committee of the county and the person in charge of the electronic business platform. The Electronic Business Service Center is located in the new area of the county, with 850 m2 covered area, there are seven functional areas, including local specialty exhibition area, O2O exhibition area, group innovation area, training center, operation center, office of electronic business poverty relief and so on.

In the beginning, with instructor’s careful introduction, students visited the local specialty exhibition area. The local specialty mainly includes two categories: agricultural products and artificial products. Agricultural products include: dendrobium officinale and lucid ganoderma with medicinal and hygienic value, natural zero-polluted grains and fresh fruits and vegetables, intensive processed Su He Zi and Kang Wang Shaoxing wine. Artificial products include: paper cuttings, embroidery and beads. This local products drew students’ curiosity and they also raised their questions.

Later, students visited the group innovation area, training center and operation center. They divided into three groups to interview the person in charge of the platform, successful representative of the start-up business and staff of the operation center respectively. During the interview, members learned that local electronic business platform had a trouble of “the last kilometer”, which means the logistics can hardly reach to the houses of peasant households. The leading teacher Huo Fei said, though there are similar difficulties in the university, student start-up programs are established to solve this problem at present. The person in charge of the platform also explained that the experience of university are referable, but the characteristics of university are different from that of countryside. There are still obstacles in the actual implementation. It is also thought-provoking to the team members. During the interview, a local successful representative of start-up business said, when he was in the university, he made attempts in starting up business and accumulated some experiences. After graduation, he came back to the hometown and supported the local economy development by utilizing the resources provided by the electronic business platform. His experience also gave a more direct knowledge of university student start-up business to the members, and also enlightened students a new direction of the future. They believed that their professional studies in the university can also provide assistance to the electronic business start-ups. 

Half-day visit and interview enabled members to have a more direct and deep recognition and understanding of the economy developed by electronic business in new countryside. They also thought more about the meaning of this social practice. In next days, the social practice team will also visit the peasant households and the school, developing all-round investigation of local targeted measures to help people lift themselves out of poverty.

Source: Nankai News

Translated by Shi Yuchen

Proofread by Letizia Vallini

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