“Nankai Reading Room” was Established in Yongsheng by Nankai University’s Peasant Rural and Agriculture Association (PRAA)

August 3rd, the inauguration ceremony of “Nankai Reading Room” was held at Xinping Primary School in Renhe Town (Yongsheng County, Yunnan Province). The first batch of donated books add up to 243. This activity was organized by the PRAA of Nankai University. Rui Yuanfang, the Secretary of Discipline Inspection Commission of Renhe Town, Li Zipeng, Office Director of the Party and Government of Renhe Town, the summer practice team of PRAA, and Xinping Primary School’s teachers and students attended the inauguration ceremony. 

During the ceremony, He Meilin, PRAA’s President, stressed that they intend to bring Nankai Spirit and PRAA’s ideas to Yunnan. She hoped that the children from the mountain areas could read more good books, opening their hearts to kindness. Though books, the children would understand gratitude, and learn how to help the others. She believed that there is a magical power in the meeting between children and books, because of kids’ thirst for knowledge.     

Xinping Primary School’s representative students thanked PRAA and Tianjin Fenshuidao Primary School, the donors of the books. They promised to study hard, absorbing books’ knowledge, and pay the society back. During the ceremony, the Secretary of Discipline Inspection Commission of Renhe Town, and the President of PRAA jointly inaugurated the “Nankai Reading Room”. 

The Secretary of Discipline Inspection Commission expressed her gratitude on behalf of the township Party Committee government, underlining that education should start from childhood. Thanks to this activity, the students of Xinping Primary School gained not only knowledge but also health, happiness, kindness, and friendship. The school will make good use of the books, and promote the principles of “Nankai Reading Room”, letting reading become a daily habit which lights up students’ life. She also hoped that our society will pay more attention to the children from the mountain areas.  

Following the proverb “Measure the motherland with the feet,care for the peasants with the heart”, the PRAA of Nankai University launched a half-month volunteer service activity on July 25th. From the middle of June, PRAA motivated all the fifth-grade students of Tianjin Fenshuidao Primary School to donate books for the “Nankai Reading Room”, obtaining a total of 243 books. The first batch of books includes different topics: science, literature, art, education, academic materials, magazines, and others. Every book has a bookmark with a message from its donor. Besides, PRAA contributed to the activity “Hand in Hand”, held by the sister schools Tianjin Fenshuidao Primary School and Yunnan Xinping Primary School, to promote the continuous cooperation between the two schools. 

PRAA will carry out a one-week research activity in Renhe Town (Yongshengxian, Yunnan Province) for the members of the practice team. Thanks to the support of the local government, they will get the chance to visit Lisu Walnut Industrial Park and the fungiculture aftermarket-process industrial chain in Chaoyang Village. At the same time they will make field research on the relocation sites for the poor residents of Renhe Town, and search for solutions to help the locals to exit poverty. 

Source: Nankai News

Translated by Fu Linya

Proofread by Letizia Vallini

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