Social Practice Team of Philosophy College: Enriching the Summer of Children in Mountainous Area with Knowledge

On July 28, after former two-day intensive publicity and enrollment, the volunteer teaching team of Philosophy College officially started the activity of supporting education in Zhongxin Primary School of Shipai County. Headmaster of the school Yao Benqian, members of the team and more than 80 local students attended the opening ceremony.

At the beginning of the ceremony, on behalf of all the teachers and students of the primary school, Yao expressed gratitude to the team of Philosophy College. He expected the students to cherish the opportunity and widen their horizons so as to step out of the village.

Zou Leijing, leader of the team, gave a speech in the opening ceremony. She said, this year, the team took “harmony” as the theme. They would develop the activities based on students’ interests and safety, and helped them build the interest for study. Every teacher in the team would try their best to establish positive value of life for students and to create enjoyable environment for their study and growth.

In the first two-day publicity and enrollment, members of the team were divided into several groups, walking into the villages of the Shipai County and enrolling students by putting up posters and oral introduction. During the publicity, the members felt the enthusiasm from the people in Shipai County. Wang Tian, member of the team, explained, “What most touched us during the enrollment was people’s enthusiasm and support. When we visited the village, children guided our way in the hot weather and helped us publicize.” Member Li Shiru said, “When I saw the lovely children and local people who supported our team, I felt warm and relaxed.”

The first class of the team would start with the keyword “harmony”. Activities were carefully prepared for five months, which included “Super Brain”, “Festival of Chinese Civilization and Etiquette”, “Chinese and Western Drama Festival”, “Festival of National Customs” and so on. They were aimed at exercising students to use their brains scientifically, promoting both physical and mental growth of children and enriching children’s summer holiday.

Reported by Wang Yuming

Translated by Shi Yuchen

Proofread by Yan Ruoyan


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