Nankai Beauty Won the Second Place of CCTV “Avenue of Stars” Collegiate Session

On July 23, in CCTV “Avenue of Stars” Collegiate Session, the performer of “Memory” (a famous excerpt from the popular Broadway drama The Cat), attracted the audience’s eyes. She is Jin Lei, a straight A student of School of Economics of Nankai University. She gave the audience a wonderful performance that combined pop singing with bel canto coloratura, amazing silk dance with Chinese square dance. After three rounds of fierce competitions, she finally won the second place.

In 2010, with her silk dance “The Fairy” (Tian Nv) and her outstanding performances in both general knowledge and art tests (ranking the first and the second respectively), Jin Lei was admitted to Shiyan Middle School, a key middle school of Shanxi Province. As a middle school student, she has become a “goddess” among her peers for her diligence, hardworking and versatility. Until now, the 20-year-old girl has already received more than 20 national and provincial awards. Recently, as a member of Student Choir of Nankai University, she participated in the ninth World Choir Games in Sochi, Russia. Among three sections of the competition, they gained three gold medals and two first prizes. The drama, Lady Hua Mulan, in which Jing Lei acted the leading role, was also one of the first-prize performances.

No pains, no gains. Jin Lei started to learn dance at four and vocal at fifteen. Once, she had to wear airtight clothes every day to keep the figure for operas. “I was often drenched in sweat after a day’s exercise.” She smiled and said, “Now that I chose this way, I had to devote myself into it.” Over the years, the happiness of prize winning had already washed off her bitterness, whereas the painstaking process did enrich her life. Just like what she said, “The God always put his favorite at the cusp of storm”.


Reported by Tang Ping

Translated by Shi Yuchen

Proofread by Yan Ruoyan


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