Future Graduates of the College of Foreign Languages Discovered How to Apply for a Job by Investigating Famous Companies

This will be the last summer holiday for the 2017 graduates, so how can they make good use of their spare time?

“I didn’t go travelling this summer, instead, I spent my time doing an internship at Daimler Greater China Ltd. I hope I will be able to use this period of time to improve my practical skills. Taking the internship as an opportunity, I also met and interviewed a HR to understand how to successfully apply for a job. I shared this experience with my classmates.” Li Liangquan, undergraduate (2013) of the German Department of the College of Foreign Languages, decided to train his skills by investigating in the company during the summer holiday.

Many future graduates of the College of Foreign Languages are spending their summer holiday doing internships in famous companies, exactly like Li Liangquan. They are practicing in Standard Chartered Bank, PWC, CIFI, Volkswagen, New Oriental Education & Technology Group, and other companies. Before the beginning of the summer holiday, the counselor of the College of Foreign Languages gave “homework” to the future graduates to guide them to improve themselves, making a good use of their last summer holiday. At the same time, when the professors of the Joint Training Base were building the summer holiday internship platform, they also encouraged the students who joined the program to investigate the work of the companies. The students invited several HRs to talk about the importance of foreign languages in their careers, how female students can successfully apply for a job, and other practical tips for future job interviews.

Source: Nankai News

Translated by Shi Yuchen

Proofread by Letizia Vallini

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