Social Practice Team of Business College from Nankai University Investigated the Construction of Eco-countryside in Anlong Village

Recently, the social practice team of Business College has carried out a field research of the reform and development of ecological agriculture in Anlong village, Pi County, Sichuan Province. Within a few days, team members has had a brand-new understanding of the ecological development of the new countryside.

Anlong village mainly relies on flowers, seedling and organic vegetable gardening to realize sustainable incomes growth. Through the interviews, team members developed a systematic understanding of policy support, mode of operation and strength of the emerging agricultural economy. 

The social practice team investigated the agricultural development mode called land circulation groped by Anlong village, which makes the farmers have double income. This mode benefits the mass production of agriculture, reduces costs and improves efficiency. By circulating the land management rights, farmers were able to gain extra profits by exporting labor services while receiving the land revenues.

Currently, Anlong village is planning to combine the primary industry with the tertiary industry. With the convenient transportation and good natural environment, the village can develop new development models including agri-tourism, experiencing agriculture and tourist shooting. In this way, the village can diversify its sources of revenue and maintain a sustainable growth. 

After the field study, team members will summarize the development experiences of Anlong village and try their best to promote it.

Reported by Bao Wenhai, Jin Jia

Translated by Kong Yankun

Proofread by Yan Ruoyan

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