Volunteer Teaching Group of History College Went to Anlexi Village to Establish Nankai Reading Room

Recently, Volunteer Teaching Group of History College from Nankai University held the ceremony of establishing Nankai Reading Room at central primary school of Anlexi Village. Twenty one team members attended this activity.

This Nankai Reading Room was established on the basis of Happiness Paradise at central primary school of Anlexi Village. Happiness Paradise stored thousands of books before. Before the Nankai Reading Room was officially established, Happiness Paradise had been in the test operation. It was warmly welcomed by everyone. With the aim to keep Happiness Paradise run orderly, Volunteer Teaching Group from Nankai University set up borrowing rules for Happiness Paradise. It was wrote on the blackboard in the room.

During the test operation, volunteer teaching group members found that had problems including disorderly placed books and unspecified number of books. In response to this situation, Lian Guifeng, a volunteer teaching group member who was in charge of establishing the Nankai Reading Room advised the team to number and place orderly the books donated by Nankai University and Harbin Institute of Technology (Weihai Branch) and the books that were there before donation. His suggestion was supported by team members. All of them prepared for the work immediately.

Apart from the books allocated for the Nankai Reading Room by Nankai University, volunteer teaching group members collected books presented by students from History College. With books there before and books donated by Harbin Institute of Technology (Weihai Branch), the workload of volunteer teaching group members was huge. However, they worked cohesively in coordination with high efficiency. Within a day, they finished numbering and classifying more than 2500 books that were there and donated.

After the ceremony of establishing Nankai Reading Room, Nankai Reading Room was officially open to students there. Volunteer teaching group members hoped that it could be part of students daily life. It would be better if those kindness from many parties may enrich childrens life.

Reported by Guo Xinyu

Translated by Kong Yankun

Proofread by Letizia Vallini

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