Learning Business Experience from the NKU Alumni Enterprises: A Social Practice Report of ‘Micro-Financial Research’ Team

Recently, the 10th NKU alumni-visiting summer social practice team visited several alumni enterprises and carried out social research. The team was composed of students from “Micro-Financial Research” team of School of Finance and College of Computer and Control Engineering of Nankai University.

The team members firstly went to MomentCam and received a warm welcome from Huang Guangming, director of MomentCam and alumnus of Nankai University. At the beginning, he introduced the development history of his enterprise to the team. Then he talked cordially with the team members about his personal experience and gave pieces of advice on campus life and career planning. 

The practice team also visited other enterprises including RKYLIN, Davdian, Huiyuan Network, Angel Plus, among which Wu Hongbin, president of Huiyuan Network and Nankai alumnus, and Sheng Xitai, CEO of Angel Plus and Nankai Alumnus, joined the investigation in the whole process. 

This time, the team members not only had a new understanding for issues like starting business, corporate finance and New OTC Market, but also enhanced their professional qualities in finance. Meanwhile, they gained personal experience and career planning advice from those outstanding alumni. 

Reported by Wang Xiaojuan, Guo Chunyi, Zhu Xuanyi

Translated by Fu Linya

Proofread by Yan Ruoyan

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