History College held the 2016 Freshmen’s “Break the Ice Meeting”

To improve the relationship among freshmen and cultivate their collective identity, Nankai University’s College of History held a meeting to “break the ice” titled “Meet New Friends, Construct a United Class” for the 2016 freshmen.

The meeting started after the introduction of the 99 new students: freshmen’s interest was stimulated through three amusing games. The meeting was a great success. During the games, the freshmen had the chance to appreciate their classmates, and to express their expectations towards university life. The election for the Vice Platoon Leader was held during the military training: the students actively presented themselves in front of the others one after the other. In the end, Zheng Yuezhu, part-time counselor of the 2016 freshmen, made a speech to express her expectations and wishes. She hoped the freshmen would enjoy university life and fight for their dreams, without wasting this important four-year period. She also suggested the freshmen to make up their own dormitory rules and health standard, creating a good atmosphere for themselves and for their roommates.

The meeting provided an opportunity for the freshmen to know and understand each other. Self-introduction and games helped the freshmen to get along with the group, setting an amazing start for the military training and for the future activities.

Reported by Zheng Yuezhu
Translated by Shi Yuchen
Proofread by Yan Ruoyan

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