Nankai University’s Go Team Participated in the “Chinese Undergraduates Go Contest”

The 25th “Ing Cup - Chinese Undergraduates Go Contest” was held in Shantou. The theme of the competition was “Black and White Chess”. 28 national and international universities and more than 100 chess players took part in the eight-day competition.

The top three participants were Shanghai International Studies University, Nankai University, and Shanghai University of Finance and Economics. Zhang Zhanpeng, a student of the School of Literature, Zhang Xiang, a student of the School of Life Sciences, and Li Xunzheng, a student of the College of Electronic Information and Optical Engineering, respectively won the 3rd and 6th prizes in the category “Individual Amateur Group”, and the 5th prize in the category “Individual Professional Group”.

“Ing Cup - Chinese Undergraduates Go Contest” is the biggest and most important competition among the universities in China. Shantou University and Shantou Go Association hosted the cultural forum, inviting famous professors and scholars to give lectures. The hosts organized many different activities, including analysis and explanation of many topics, for example go education inside the universities, artificial intelligence, matches between men and machines, calligraphy, photography, art of go, and so on.

Reported by Shang Siyuan
Translated by Kong Yankun 
Proofread by Letizia Vallini

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