Volunteers of Nankai University Served in 2016 WTA Tianjin Open

From October 8th to 16th, 2016 WTA Tianjin Open was held in Tuanbo Lake Tennis Center. During the Tournament, 42 volunteers were selected to offer service in departments such as player service center, media service, competition service and field service.

Since October 16th, volunteers of Nankai University had started their service for players and guests in places such as designated hotels, locker rooms, VIP rooms and playing areas. In hotels, they led the way and update competition traffic information for players; in lounge, they helped players solve problems and tidy up their belongings; in the locker room, they handed towels to the players, updated materials in time, coordinated interviewing time for reporters and conducted website construction and competition propaganda. Thanks to their careful division of work and full cooperation, each volunteer actively participated in the competition security work. Their service hours reached 5,400 in total. During their service, the volunteers from Nankai University adhered to the spirit of “dedication to public interests, acquisition of all-round capability”, and treated work with strong sense of honor and mission. They practiced the spirit of devotion, friendship, mutual assistance and progress through their smiles and selfless devotion to the competition.

The recruitment of volunteers for the competition started at the end of August by the Youth Volunteer Association of Nankai University. Approximately 200 students of the school signed up for the activity. A volunteer team was finally selected after several examinations including primary selection by each college and interview by the University, in which all members are keen on voluntary service and possess good physical fitness and service awareness. Thus, they are able to provide high level and all round voluntary services to the 2016 WTA Tianjin Open.

Reported by Sun Xiaofei, You Weihui

Translated by Zhang Yuying

Proofread by Yan Ruoyan

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