The College of Foreign Languages held the Activity “Russian Customs and Exchanges” A Stage for Russia’s Cultural Glamour

College of Foreign Languages’ 2016 Russian class held the activity “Russian Customs and Exchanges”. The 21 students of the class were divided into seven groups: each group made a presentation to introduce something special about Russian culture.

During the activity, the students made a brief introduction of Russian history, culture, life customs, and social relationship. Some groups talked about Russian etiquette and other related topics, including the idioms used during social interactions, and customs and taboos in Russia. A group presented the beautiful scenery of Lake Baikal, helping the other students to appreciate Russian winter and natural wonders. Other students introduced the classmates to the Russian traditional festivals and the great history and culture of this nation. The students were attracted by the various and interesting presentations: the activity earned a standing ovation. 

Before the activity, the students carefully searched for information about Russian culture online or in the library. The participants hoped the College would organize more activity like “Russian Customs and Exchanges” in the future to inspire students’ interest and increase the level of the specialized courses.

Reported by Liu Yu, Zhang Qi, Wang Xinran

Translated by Shi Yuchen

Proofread by Letizia Vallini

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