Nankai University established “Ping An Volunteer Association” 36 Students joined the First Group

November 24th, Nankai University held the inaugural ceremony of “Ping An Volunteer Association”. 36 students from different colleges and schools joined the first group. The new members show great enthusiasm in public welfare, pay attention to campus safety, and their life motto is “Contribution, Friendship, Mutual Help and Progress”.

During the ceremony, the “Statement of Nankai University Ping An Volunteer Association” was presented. Wang Benliang, undergraduate (2015) at the College of Software and founder of the association, appointed Liu Xuezhen, Vice Director of Nankai University’s Security Office, as Academic Advisor of the association. The responsible of the association introduced association’s purpose, principles, and work. The people in charge of Youth League Committee and Security Office encouraged student’s love for social activities and their active participation in the construction of a safe campus, and expressed their expectations for the future development of “Ping An Volunteer Association”.

“Ping An Volunteer Association” is the first student association of Nankai University aimed at improving professors and students’ safety consciousness and protecting campus security. Under the direct supervision of Nankai University’s Security Office, the association will play a positive role in the construction of a harmonious and beautiful campus.


Reported and Photo by Wu Junhui

Translated by Shi Yuchen

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