“2016 Tianjin Debate Open” was held at Nankai University

December 3rd-4th, the “2016 Tianjin Debate Open” was held at Nankai University. The competition was sponsored by Nankai University’s Youth League, organized by Nankai University’s College of Foreign Languages, and supported by Nankai University APEX English Debate Club. 72 teams and 300 contestants from Tsinghua University, Renmin University of China, Beijing Foreign Studies University, Shanghai International Studies University, Zhongshan University, Chinese University Hong Kong and other important Chinese universities participated in the competition.

After a day and a half and five tournaments, eight teams entered the Semi Final and four freshman teams entered the Novice Final. The Novice Final was held on the afternoon of December 4th: four teams debated the topic “THBT income tax should be calculated based on the relative socioeconomic status of individuals”. They discussed income tax rates, evaluating the socioeconomic status of individuals, tax equity, and positive and negative effects of tax differentiation on society. Meanwhile, the Semi Final was successfully held and four teams entered the Grand Final.

After a fierce competition, the team “I told you Bernie was better”, composed by Liang Xiao and Zhao Shiming from Beijing Foreign Studies University, won the championship. “Simon’s pigs”, composed by Su Yujing and Hu Hongyu from Nankai University, entered the Grand Final. “Tandem”, composed by Lin Zhongwen and Zhang Yixiang from Tsinghua University, won the Novice Final. “Barbaric Yamp”, composed by Chen Jinyu and Li Guanrong from Nankai University, entered the Novice Final. Moreover, ten debaters were awarded the title of “Best Debater”, while five students were nominated “Best Novice Debater” and other three “Best Student Judge”. Beijing Foreign Studies University’s Liang Xiao won the first prize in the category “Best Debate” and Nankai University’s Su Yujing won the second prize.

After the competition, Natasha Rachman, the General Judge of the competition, said that the debate reflected the organizational skills and the comprehensive qualities of Nankai’s students. At the same time, the event presented different campus cultures, showed the enthusiasm of Nankai University, and promoted linguistic-cultural communication and self-improvement of all students.

Reported by Liu Yu, Ming Jiawen

Translated by Shi Yuchen

Proofread by Letizia Vallini

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