Nankai University moves the Art Class into the Theater

The students of Nankai University will experience the “Artistic and Educational Elective Course”: they will watch performances, listen to music, and have a taste of the artistic world.

December 12th, Nankai University and Tianjin Grand Theatre signed a Cooperation Agreement. The two parties decided to move the art class into the theater and develop collaborations in the fields of artistic resources, establishment of platforms, and training of students.

The signing ceremony was held at Nankai University’s Balitai Campus. The responsible of Nankai University’s Office for Academic Affairs and Ma Da, Vice Director of Tianjin Grand Theatre, signed the Cooperation Agreement. Tianjin Grand Theatre listed Nankai University as one of its “Artistic and Educational Practice Bases”, while Nankai University will regard Tianjin Grand Theatre as one of its “Cultural and Educational Practice Bases”.

The people in charge of Nankai University’s School of Literature and Tianjin Grand Theatre participated in the signing ceremony. A delegation of professors and students from Nankai University’s Cultural and Educational Department was also present. According to the agreement, the two parties will cooperate in the following areas:

1.    According to the cultural requirements of Tianjin Grand Theatre, Nankai University will use classrooms and platforms to spread and introduce performances and activities of Tianjin Grand Theatre using multiple channels, including guided tours, workshops, classes, lectures, and so on. The two parties will provide mutual support and share resources.

2.    The professors of the elective course of Nankai University’s Cultural and Educational Department will have one or two opportunities every semester to accompany students or student associations to watch Tianjin Grand Theatre’s performances. According to the agreement, Tianjin Grand Theatre will organize practical classes focused on theater management for the students.

3.    Nankai University will establish an academic platform focused on artistic communication for the young students. The platform's main purpose is to educate an ideal audience interested in aesthetic education, and cultivate the aesthetic values of the students.

4.    The two parties will jointly train students. The workers of the theater will be invited as part-time professors to share their experiences in the fields of art and theater management with the students. The interaction between the professors and students is regarded as a very important element.

During Nankai University’s Aesthetic Education Work Conference, President Gong Ke mentioned that Nankai University has a long tradition in aesthetic education: etiquette, dramas, literature, and art are very important. Aesthetic education is part of Nankai’s tradition: the direct purpose of this subject is to cultivate the aesthetic taste of the students. Nankai University will continue to organize and promote new aesthetic education classes, sparing no efforts to create a better aesthetic education mechanism. In the future, the university will promote the close integration of aesthetic, moral, intellectual, and physical education to help the comprehensive development of the students.

Reported by Hao Jingqiu

Photo by Ren Yonghua

Translated by Kong Yankun

Proofread by Letizia Vallini

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