School of Literature held the 2017 New Year Gala

December 19th, School of Literature held the 2017 New Year Gala at Nankai University’s Oriental Art Building. Prof. Shen Liyan, Dean of the School of Literature, attended the gala and gave a new year’s speech.

Prof. Shen said that 2017 is going to be a difficult and challenging year for China and all the people. As written in The Book of Changes: troubles create possibilities. Prof. Shen hoped the students could cherish the time at Nankai University, study hard, become better people, achieve the most important life goals, and become the future leaders of the country. On behalf of all the professors of the School, Prof. Shen wished everybody a serene New Year.

The gala started with the performance of the band “Weijin Road N. 94”, which helped to create a special atmosphere. Songs, dances, Peking Opera, piano, male solos and other performances were part of the show. Some students danced to “Burn it up”: their creative performance and enchanting rhythm won the favor of the audience. Two special musicians combined the unique sounds of violin and pipa to perform Chinese and Western music. The audience especially enjoyed the Chinese song “Xiao Jiu Wo” and the many K-Pop performances made by the Korean students.

The funniest activity of the gala has been the game “Who is the Party King?” The students, divided into Red Team and Blue Team, competed in a series of games and had a lot of fun.

During the gala, the students also used the WeChat Wall of School of Literature’s Graduate Student Union to interact with the audience. Finally, all the students sang together the song Tomorrow will be a better day.

Reported by Wang Yashuang

Photo by Chang Xiaosong, Chen Jinhui

Translated by Shi Yuchen

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