College of Foreign Languages’ Class of 2016 held the English Discussion Rebuilding the Tower of Babel

The English discussion titled Rebuilding the Tower of Babel - English meets the World was held to help students to learn innovative study methods and improve oral English. The undergraduates (class of 2016) of College of Foreign Languages’ English Department organized the activity. The small-scale debate followed the rules of the Model United Nations: the students discussed the importance of learning English in every country around the world.

Christina De Corse, a foreign teacher of the English Department, and Shang Yue, an undergraduate student (2015) from the Russian Department, were the judges. During the competition, the students Cai Hua and Bai Dongqing represented their Motherland and explained the importance of learning English in China. The delegates from France, United Kingdom, South Africa, Russia, and India expressed their different points of view. It has been a fierce competition: Cai Hua and Bai Dongqing asked the other contestants several questions. After the presentations, the audience wrote down favorite participant and country. At last, the Indian delegate Du Liyang won the Best Contestant Prize, and the Chinese delegation won the first prize. The judges also prized the performances of the contestants. Participants and audience learned a lot from this activity.

The activity helped the students to improve their oral English using an innovative way of learning. Moreover, the students had a chance use what they have learned this semester, talking and thinking in English. The small-scale discussion not only strengthened the communication between the two classes of the English Department but also motivated the students to take a personal challenge and set a good example. This kind of activity encourages mutual learning and promote competition.

Source: Nankai News

Reported by Zhang Qi, Hou Yujing

Translated by Kong Yankun

Proofread by Letizia Vallini

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