The Cultural Experience of College of Chinese Language and Culture’s Overseas Students to Tianjin Huoyuanjia Civil and Military School

In the morning of March 11th, the class mentor accompanied a group of overseas students of the College of Chinese Language and Culture to visit Huowenjia Civil and Military School. The school is located in Jingwu County (Xiqing District). The students watched the martial drama The Legend of Kungfu in the school hall, discovering the Chinese traditional culture.

The guide explained the spirit of Martial Arts to the overseas students. When the overseas students entered the training room of the school, they attended the hard training of the students of the military school.

Nankai University’s College of Chinese Language and Culture highly emphasizes the cultural experiences and courses of the overseas students. In recent years, the College developed more than ten off-campus practice bases for overseas students, building a wide platform for the students to understand Chinese society and experience Chinese culture.

Reported by Sun Wei

Translated by Shi Yuchen

Proofread by Letizia Vallini



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