Nankai University’s 13th “Presidents Cup”

To celebrate the convening of the 19th CPC National Congress and express its faith in the Communist Party of China, Nankai University held the 13th Presidents Cup and Exhibition Debate - Peking University VS Nankai University at Jinnan Campus’ East Administrative Building. Jiang Yawen, Associate Professor at the School of Economics and Vice Director of Teaching Affairs Office, Shi Guangshun, Associate Professor at the College of Computer and Control Engineering, Liu Zhen, Vice Chancellor and Vice Dean of the College of Environmental Science and Engineering, Jia Sheng, Chancellor of Youth League Committee of the School of Materials Science and Engineering, and Song Yuan, Chancellor of Youth League Committee of the School of Philosophy, were the judges of the competition. Ai Weijun, Vice Chancellor of University’s Youth League Committee, Yang Xiaofeng, Vice Chancellor and Vice Dean of the School of Philosophy, two delegations from Tianjin Student Federation and Nankai Middle School, the Presidents of Student Unions of all colleges and schools, and many other guests participated in the event. Nankai University’s 13th President Cup officially started on March 25th.

Vice Chancellors Ai Weihung and Yang Xiaofeng delivered the letter of appointment to the judging team on behalf of the sponsors and the organizers of the debate. Xia Shang, President of Nankai University’s Student Union Executive Committee, introduced the preparatory work for the competition. 

The teams from Nankai University and Peking University debated over the topic Anti-poverty or Anti-illiteracy: Which one is more important? The teams made original and profound analysis focusing on the current political issues and the contemporary reality. After several rounds of fierce competition and judges’ comprehensive review, Wang Tingsheng, a student of Nankai University and first speaker of the Anti-poverty side, and Wang Mengyu, a student of Peking University and third speaker of the Anti-illiteracy side, won the title of Best Debater

Prof. Shi Guangshun pointed out that the glamor of the debate is influenced by two factors: first of all, educate manners can improve debater’s intrinsic values and charm. The second important element is debater’s philosophical and logical thinking. Prof. Shi encouraged the debaters to heighten their manners, becoming more calm and patient. Moreover, the debaters were advised to pay more attention to their philosophical and logical thinking rather than the result of the competition.   

Reported by Tang Zheng, Zhu Xiangchao

Translated by Shi Yuchen

Proofread by Letizia Vallini

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