3D Printers lighted up the Students’ Research and Innovation Carnival

The activity DIY 3D Printers was launched by the College of Electronic Information and Optical Engineering. It was held both on Jinnan and Balitai Campuses, attracting more than 30 students from various colleges and schools.

Divided into four teams, the participants learned to assemble three different types of printers - Prusa i3, Kossel, and CoreXY - using the self-learning tactic and group discussion.

It took four weeks to finish the three stages of the activity: assemble the frame, flash the firmware, and test and debug the system. Four student-made 3D printers will be used during the activity Electro Ideas, organized by the College of Electronic Information and Optical Engineering, to improve students’ practical abilities.

The activity provided the students with access to 3D printers and the related technologies. It helped the participants to have a better understanding of what craftsman-spirit means and improve their practical abilities. I hope we could design our own 3D printers in the future,” said Wang Chongyang, the President of the 3D Printing Association and undergraduate student at the College of Electronic Information and Optical Engineering (class of 2015).

The activity was part of the 5th Nankai University StudentsResearch and Innovation Carnival. The title of this creative event was Craftsman-spirit lights up Young Students’ Chinese Dream. The following activities will be even funnier: the challenge Smart Car Collision, the competition Innovative Dream Team, the original 3D DreamWorks, the Innovation Forum, and many others. The activities aim at stimulating students’ enthusiasm for innovation, enhancing their creativity, and improving their practical abilities.                                                                                        

Reported by Huo Limin and He Jun

Translated by Li Shujia

Proofread by Letizia Vallini,Ada

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