Prof. In-hyun Park from Yale University gave a Speech at the College of Life Sciences

May 8th, a lecture of theSeries of Lectures 111 was hosted by the College of Life Sciences in the Fourth Teaching Building of Nankai University. Prof. In-Hyun Park, from Yale University, was invited to deliver a speech titled Reprogramming and its Application in Rett Syndrome. College of Life Sciences’ Prof. Chen Ling hosted the event, and the master’s students of the College attended the lecture.

During the lecture, Prof. In-Hyun Park talked about his research. Rett syndrome is a raregenetic neurological disorder that almost exclusively affects females, mainly caused by mutations in the gene MECP2 located on the X chromosome. By using the technique of genetic reprogramming, Prof. In-Hyun Park’s laboratory was used to obtain RTT-iPSCs derived from Rett syndrome fibroblasts. The differentiation defects of RTT-iPSC’s neural differentiation and Rett syndrome’are similar. It indicates that RTT-iPSC is an in vitro model that can be used for the study of Rett syndrome and has broad prospectsfor clinical application.

After the lecture, Nankai University’s professors and students expressed great interests in the topic and asked many questions. Prof. In-Hyun Park answeredmeticulously to the questions and interacted with the students.

Reported by Chen Lingyi and Zhang Bo

Translated by Li Shujia

Proofread by Letizia Vallini

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