Professor from the American Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory gave a Speech at the College of Life Sciences

May 10th, at the invitation of Dr. Zhu Yerong, Prof. Henrik V. Scheller from American Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory’s Department of Biological Systems & Engineering delivered a lecture titled Designing Plants for Improved Production of Biofuels and Chemicals at Nankai University. The lecture was held in the lecture hall of the Biology Station. The event was supported by the funds of the Project 111.

During the lecture, Prof. Scheller explained the recognition and functional identification of catalytic enzymes and modifying enzymes involved in cell wall synthesis. He also reported that his team used the genetic processing of key enzymes in cell wall biosynthetic pathways to modify the phenotype and the cell wall components of the mutants, and obtained mutated strains with increased drought resistance through filtration. The research results obtained more resistant plant strains, providing new materials for the development of bioenergy.

The lecture was highly prized by professors and students. After the seminar, Prof. Scheller had a deep discussion with the participants and many professors intend to establish partnerships with Prof. Scheller to conduct joint research projects.

Prof. Scheller published more than 200 articles on important top academic journals such as TRENDS PLANT SCI, PLANT CELL, PLANT PHYSIOL, and PLANT BIOTECHNOL J., and applied for nearly 20 patents. His academic achievements caught the attention of the international public. In 2014, he won the R&D100 Award and the Lawrence National Laboratory Outstanding Achievement Award. In 2016, Prof. Scheller was awarded the annual Kaj Linderstrøm-Lang Prize of the Danish Carlsberg Foundation.

Reported by Zhu Yerong and Zhang Bo

Translated by Letizia Vallini

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