Delegation from Nankai University visited the Canadian University of Montreal to attend IFPU Summer Seminar

June 19th to 23rd, a delegation from Nankai University visited the Canadian University of Montreal to take part in the IFPU Summer Seminar Circular + Social Economy and the City. The delegation was composed by Jiang Manqi, Professor at the School of Economics and Superintendent of the Urban and Regional Economy Laboratory, Liu Chenshi, a Ph.D. student at the School of Economics, and Sun Jing, master’s student at Zhou Enlai School of Government. The conference was co-organized by the International Public University Forum (IFPU) and the University of Montreal. The main themes of the seminar were the development of the circular economy and the future urban construction.

The IFPU Summer Seminar Circular + Social Economy and the City focused on the concept of circular economy and its strategic development, urban development, social economy, and other themes. Participants from Canadian, Chinese and Czech universities and research institutes delivered keynote speeches and discussed actively. Prof. Jiang Manqi and Liu Chenshi gave a lecture titled The Practice of the Integration of Regional Innovative Chain and Industrial Chain in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Area, and Sun Jing delivered a speech on Chinese Bike-sharing Entrepreneurship. Participants from all over the world expressed keen interest in the Chinese issues, and the representatives from Nankai University actively discussed the prospects of China’s innovation and economic development. 

The IFPU Summer Seminar focused on practice and exchanges. The University of Montreal organized visits to the logistic company Renaissance and the organization in the social services industry Boulot Vers, and a workshop for the international guests and the students of the University of Montreal. During the workshop, the participants discussed the application of circular economy inside the community of Montreal and the improvement of the social life of the citizens. Thanks to the Summer Seminar, the participants had a chance to learn the new mode of operation of the circular economy and understand the concepts of circular economy and sharing economy. The forum demonstrated the research and innovation capacity and the academic communicating ability of Nankai University’s professors and students and helped the participants to broaden their theoretical perspectives.

Reported by Liu Chenshi

Translated by Letizia Vallini

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