2017 Student Summer Social Practice [Series Ⅲ]

The Social Practice Team of Environmental Science and Engineering sent Courses on “The Spirit of Nankai” to Students in Gansu Province

Recently, the social practice team of College of Environmental Science and Engineering sent courses on “The Spirit of Nankai” to students in Taibai Town, Gansu Province. The team members made a systematic introduction on the history and current situation of Nankai University, and explained the university motto “dedication to public interests, acquisition of all-round capability, and aspiration for progress with each passing day”. They encouraged students to take former Premier and the outstanding alumnus of Nankai University Zhou Enlai as a good example, and to study for the rise of China.

The team members had dedicated themselves to the mission in helping the local students to establish great ideals and enriched their extra activities through gala and courses since their arrival on July 12th. They strived to achieve the best effect with the combination of Nankai characteristics and features of College of Environmental Science and Engineering.

Reported by Zhu Yaqiang 


Zhou Enlai School of Government inaugurated for Nankai Reading Room and Social Practice Base in Shaanxi Province

July 18th, the social practice team of Zhou Enlai School of Government held an inauguration ceremony for Nankai Reading Room and Social Practice Base in Fengshan Primary School of Huoshao Village, Baoji City, Shaanxi Province. Headmaster of the Affiliated Primary School of Wenshui Joint Village, Yu Chao, Chief of the Office of Education and Gymnastics Bureau, Wang Yong, Long Valley, Zhang Cungui, Headmaster of Fengshan Primary School, Wang Yan, advisor of the social practice team, Wang Yan attended the ceremony.

Wang Yan introduced the “Nankai Reading Room Project” with a focus on their process of seeking a sustainable volunteering teaching mode to overcome the disadvantages of the short stay of each practice team. She also expected more Nankai students join the team and devote love and knowledge to the children in need.

Reported by Wang Yan, Fan Yuning


Nankai Students established Nankai Reading Room in Tujia-Miao Autonomous Prefecture of Xiangxi

July 20th, Nankai University’s social practice team held an inauguration ceremony for Nankai Reading Room in Shibei Town Central Primary School in Longshan County, Hunan Province. Headmaster of Shibei Town Central Primary School, Yao Benqian, all members of the social practice team and 91 students attended the ceremony.

The Reading Room in Lushan County is the first one built by Nankai University for the county. The establishment of the reading room will largely increase the collection of books for the primary schools as well as that of the surrounding towns. More activities are expected to organize to enrich the summer holidays for local children and bring cultural products to peripheral villages.

Reported by Tian Jiajia, Feng Guanjie


The Social Practice Team School of Philosophy dedicated to the Psychological Health Education for Left-behind Children

July 22nd, School of Philosophy’s Social Practice Team, a model team of Nankai University, held a psychological health education for students in Shipai Town Central Primary School. Hosted by team member Wu Zhenhua, the activity attracted 91 students who participated in the courses of the quality education.

As an important part of the activities focusing on left-behind children, the event is also an essential component for the project of the same topic. The data collected from the event will also put an effect on “Project Angle” left-behind Children Supporting Program. The practice team will get out of the rut and give a new identity for children in the activity. It can improve the self-knowledge of a child and strengthen the education in ideal and belief.

Reported by Hu Ting


The Team of College of Electronic Information and Optical Engineering had Social Practice on the History of 

Anti-Japanese War in Nanjing

Recently, the team of College of Electronic Information and Optical Engineering had social practice on the history of Anti-Japanese War in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province. On the occasion of the 80th anniversary of Anti-Japanese War and Nanjing Massacre, the team investigated the historical view and the sense of crisis of the local youths. The practice was aimed at reminding the younger generations of the history and their responsibilities through a visit to Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall, Yuhuatai Memorial Park of Revolutionary Martyrs and interviews and lectures. 

Reported by Cao Xu, Zhang Yihan


Social Practice Teams of Nankai University’s Youth League Committee celebrated the 90th Anniversary for the Founding of Chinese People’s Liberation Army in Gannan Area, Jiangxi Province

More than 20 team members of Nankai University’s Youth League Committee celebrated the 90th Anniversary for the Founding of Chinese People’s Liberation Army through several events in Ruijin, Yudu, Xunwu and Shicheng from July 19th to 23rd,

On the occasion of the 90th Anniversary of the Founding of Chinese People’s Liberation Army, the team members received patriotic education and knowledge of revolutionary traditions in various forms. They had a better understanding on the early stories of CLA and strengthened their confidence in the socialist path with Chinese characteristics, theory, political system and socialist culture with Chinese characteristics.

Reported by Qiu Ming

Students of College of Chemistry had Volunteering Teaching and Investigation in Fanzhi County, Shanxi Province

The social practice team of College of Chemistry had a 14-day volunteering teaching and investigation in Shangyongxing Primary School of Fanzhi County, Shanxi Province from July 13th. A total of 16 students and two teachers of College of Chemistry participated in the event this year.

The practice of College of Chemistry to Fanzhi County has lasted for 13 years, which is the longest and most successful social practice of the college.

Reported by Zhang Sitong and Tang Mian


The Practice Team of School of Mathematical Sciences carried out Investigation on “Targeted Poverty Alleviation” in Shawan Town, Zunyi City

Recently, the summer social practice team of School of Mathematical Sciences carried out Investigation on “Targeted Poverty Alleviation” in Shawan Town, Zunyi City.

Shawan town work group on "Targeted Poverty Alleviation" consisted of a government based team and field trip group. With the help of the Civil Administration Bureau, the government based team collected large amount information on the low-income families, five guarantees family and the left-behind children, and had a general understanding about the status of the town. They also paid a visit to Office for Targeted Poverty Alleviation of local government and learnt their planning and expectations towards future work through exchanges with the staff. The field trip team also visited other three villages and learnt the implementation of poverty alleviation policies and feedback of the villagers. They also participated in the CPC branch meeting of the villages, and experienced their workflow. In addition, the team members provided volunteering services to the elderly in local geracomium.

Reported by Sheng Jie and Li lin

The Practice Team of School of Material Science and Engineering had Volunteering Publicity on the Glorious Deeds of General Ulanhu in Inner Mogolia Autonomous Region

July 16th, the social practice team of School of Material Science and Engineering Inner Mongolia practice team had volunteering publicity on the glorious deeds of General Ulanhu in Ulanhu Memorial Hall, Huhhot, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. The Team members participated in the publicities of a dozen sessions in five halls and introduced the glorious deeds of General Ulanhu to visitors.

Reported by Shi Ziteng

The Practice Team of School of Law conducted A Research on "The Legal Protection of Clean Coal Utilization"

In response to the “2nd Green Power Cup” Summer Investigation Contest for Graduate of Laws, ten university teams such as Nankai University, Central University of Finance and Economics, Beijing Institute of Technology and Xi'an Jiaotong University participated in the competition. The theme of the competition this year is "legal protection of clean coal utilization".

The team of Nankai University, led by Associate Prof. Shen Jinzhong, carried out a field study on the impact of coal chemical industry and coal production on the ecological environment, and made an analysis on the related policy and legal construction of clean coal utilization in Yulin, Shaanxi Province. The team members learnt the production technology, management system and the prevention and control measures towards the waste water, waste gas and waste residue generated in the process of coal chemical production of coal chemical enterprises, and had a new understanding for the management of modern coal mine, and the occupational health and safety production of modern coal enterprises. Besides, they experienced the development of coal industry in the era of  "Internet Plus”.

Reported by Wang Yanjun

Translated by Shi Yuchen and Xue Ting

Proofread by Ada Yan 


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