Nankai University’s Foreign Students Celebrated the Double Ninth Festival (Chong Yang Festival) through Cornel Sachets DIYs

October 25th, more than 40 foreign students who come from seven countries such as Italy, Russia, Portugal, Columbia gathered at Nankai University’s College of Chinese Language and Culture and celebrated the upcoming Chongyang Festival through Cornel Sachet DIYs.

During the activity, Chinese students introduced the origin and traditions of the Double Ninth Festival to the foreign students. As “caring for the elderly” has always been a fine tradition of the Chinese nation, people also celebrated the festival for the health and well-being of elderly family members nowadays.

Among the various cultural activities on campus, the traditional culture has always been an important component. “The celebration of the Double Ninth Festival provides an opportunity for overseas students to learn Chinese culture. We hope they can learn Chinese well while gaining a good understanding of Chinese traditional culture, thus serving as the bridge of friendship between China and other countries,” said Vice Dean of Nankai University’s College of Chinese Language and Culture Man Rong.

Reported by HaoJingqiu

Photos by Ren Yonghua

Translated by Shi Yuchen

Proofread by Ada Yan


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