“Career Development in Medicine and Clinical Frontier” A Speech on Ophthalmology was delivered at Nankai University’s School of Medicine

May 7th, the third lecture of the series“Career Development in Medicine and Clinical Frontier: Speech on Ophthalmology” was delivered at Nankai University’s School of Medicine. Ma Ruiyu, alumni of School of Medicine (class of 2005) and oculist at Tianjin Ophthalmic Hospital, talked with the students about career development. After the lecture, she was awarded the prize “Medical Students Tutor for Career Development”.

Ma humorously analyzed the characteristics of each department of the hospital in order to help the students to have a primary understanding of hospital’s life.  

During her speech the atmosphere was happy and friendly, and Ma took her experiences as examples. During the Q&A moment, the students asked questions about grades, girl’s work selection, clinic and scientific research, study abroad, employment threshold, and other topics. She answered to the questions one by one, analyzed the problems, and gave suggestions.

The School of Medicine cooperates with its alumni in developing the series of lectures “Career Development in Medicine and Clinical Frontier”. The School invites alumni who are working in different medical fields to deliver lectures to the students and introduce research progresses, actively creating a positive atmosphere for clinical practice and academic studies. The activity is also helpful for the tutors who want to share their studies and work experiences with the students, so that they can help the students to better understand clinic work and career. 

The series “Career Development in Medicine and Clinical Frontier” will organize one lecture about each clinical direction and field of study, and it will finish approximately next year.

Reported by HuHuayu

Translated by Shi Yuchen

Proofread by Letizia Vallini

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