Nankai University’s Business School Held the First Edition of the “Fitness Season”

21 Days of No-stop Training to Enjoy the Pleasure of Sports


The 21-day “Fitness Season” of Nankai University’s Business School came to an end on May 30th. One night after the other, the students left their dormitories and went to the playground. They used their spare time to develop a healthy habit, in order to keep themselves in good shape, enhance physical qualities, and enjoy the pleasure brought by sports. These were the goals of the first “Fitness Season”.

Many students applied for the activity, insisting on starting the every-day training on time. Thanks to the directions of three coaches, some participants challenged their physical limits again and again to achieve their personal goals: a thin stomach and firm abs. Other students dedicated themselves to exercises focused on lose weight on legs and waists, reduce fat, and keep in shape. In the last 21 days, every night at 9 o’clock, the students who attended the “Fitness Season” created a beautiful scenery on the west side of the playground.   

Reported by Cao Lianna, Zhang Yuhan

Translated by Fu Feifei

Proofread by Letizia Vallini

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