140 High School Graduates Experienced Nankai University’s Courses in Advanced

These days, there are many new young faces in the classes of Nankai University. 140 high school graduates came to Nankai University to experience in advance university’s 20 public selective courses.

The summer semester of Nankai University started on June 27th. Nankai University will provide a certificate to all the students who will complete a course according to the requirements. If the student will be admitted by Nankai, the university will recognize student’s study experience and grades.

 “When I saw the news shared by my friends on Wechat, I applied for the program immediately.” On the first day of the summer semester, Wang Zhiheng, a student from Tianjin Foreign Language School, selected the course “Public Health Practice and its Response”. The course caught his eyes at once for he is a fan of the sci-fi movies “Resident Evil” and American TV dramas.

 “The course is very funny and interactive. The teaching way is also new and interesting. This experience is totally different from high school classes. The professor also let us watch a movie clip, and added supplementary information. I benefited a lot from this experience.” Wang loved the relaxing and pleasant study atmosphere. He also joined the QQ group of the course so that he could discuss with elder students and share study resources.

Wen Xi, from Tianjin Yaohua High School, selected the course “Introduction to Computer Logics and the Frontier of I.T.”. “I am very interested in computer science. I also applied for a major in computer science.” Wen said the course’s contents were different from his idea of high-tech. “Though the public selective courses are not that hard, it is still helpful to understand the importance of computer logics and the frontiers of I.T. industry.”

Tian Di, from Meijiang High School, selected the course “Focus on Physical Health”. “My father read the news on the newspaper. He thought the opportunity was precious, and I was interested in the topic of the classes, so I applied for the course without hesitation.” Before the class, Tian was a little bit nervous, but when the lesson began, she was completely captured by it. “The atmosphere in the class was very relaxing. The teacher used her own experience to introduce information about traditional Chinese medicine. This project gave me a chance to experience a real university class.”

 “Why is traditional Chinese medicine not recognized worldwide? What are the reasons?” Influenced by her family, Tian Di, who wants to study medicine, wanted to ask these questions to the professor.

Yang Guangming, professor at the Teaching Affairs Office said: “Nankai University’s summer semester is organized exactly during the high school graduates’ holidays. Opening public courses for high school graduates, on one hand, can enrich students’ holidays and give them the opportunity to learn something more about the topics that are not part of high school’s curriculum. On the other hand, it can help future university students to experience university life in advance. The open courses provide them with conditions and spaces for individual choices, studies, and development, so that they can cultivate their interests earlier.”

The 20 public selective courses opened this year involve four fields: natural science and technology, human science, social science and art, and gymnastics. According to the representatives of the Teaching Affairs Office, “Introduction to Computer Logics and the Frontier of I.T.” and “Public Speaking and Eloquence” are the most popular courses: more than 30 students applied for these two subjects.

So many participants applied for the program that, till the end of the applications, several students could not enter the course they liked because the quota of applicants was full. To satisfy high school students’ demand, this year, for the first year, Nankai University contemporaneously held the courses at Balitai and Jinnan Campuses. The applications were twice as numerous as last year.

Reported by Wu Junhui
Translated by Shi Yuchen
Proofread by Letizia Vallini

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