China Young Physicists’ Tournament Started A Brain Storm of Physics in Nankai University

On July 13, 2016 China Young Physicists’ Tournament – Nankai Section, organized by China Association for Science and Technology and Ministry of Education, sponsored by Nankai University, began its third-day activity. The activities that day were organized by School of Physics and Science & Technology Department of Nankai University. 210 members and 21 teachers from key middle schools all over China participated in the section.

The activities were developed around the Physics Tournament (PT). PT is a symbol of Nankai physics. China Young Physicists’ Tournament (PT) and China Undergraduate Physics Tournament (CUPT), both initiated by Nankai University, are two most influential physics academic tournaments for high school and college students in China. Contestants participated in the tournaments by team, cooperating and researching on practical physical issues. Then they developed debates on their physical knowledge, theoretical analysis, experimental plan and result discussion. The tournaments cannot only test students’ quality in scientific research, but also cultivate their team spirit and skills in communication and expression, comprehensively developing students’ knowledge, skills and all-round qualities.

The activities included four parts: scientific report, lab visit, PT emulation and interesting experiments. In the morning, members listened to Prof. Li Chuanyong of Nankai University’s lecture about IYPT (International Young Physicists’ Tournament) and the cultivation of students’ skills in Comprehensive Experimental Building and Prof. Liu Yubin’s lecture about “Learn and Enjoy Physics”. Then they visited the National Physics Experiment Teaching Center of Nankai University. In the laboratories of basic physics, of modern physics and of demonstration, they learned the physical experiments. Through personal practice and observation, students learned and understood some physical laws and phenomenon with ease, which improved their cognition for and interests in physical research and study.

In the afternoon, members had an experiencing practice about PT in the stadium of the university. At first, they watched the exhibition match shown by Nankai University for preparing for CUPT2016. After that, they are divided into groups and experienced the PT tasks of interesting experiments, including paper pliers, magnetic train, super ball, paper bridge, hovercraft and other classical tasks. Professional teachers of Nankai University also rated and awarded the members with prizes. After the experience, members were all satisfied and enjoyed the interesting experiments. They had not imagined that physics could be “played” in this way. This activity stimulated their imagination, widened their horizon and ignited their passion for science and technology.

Reported by Chen Zongqiang

Translated by Shi Yuchen
Proofread by Yan Ruoyan

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