Several Nankai Reading Rooms were Established in the Summer Holiday

In this hot summer, many Nankai Reading Rooms were established in Wuhu Anhui, Siziwang Banner of Inner Mongolia, Xunhua Qinghai. Nankai University’s Business School, School of Mathematical Sciences and College of Foreign Languages sent social practice teams and established several first Nankai Reading Rooms in the regions. Since then, the children there will have a new option for reading.

Team of Business School Established Nankai Reading Room in Taoyuan Primary School in Wuhu

On August 1, the inauguration ceremony of Nankai Reading Room of Taoyuan Primary School, Wanzhi, Wuhu (Anhui Province), and the activity of “Committee for Taoyuan County Summer Holiday ‘Love for Stay-at-home Children’” were held in Taoyuan Primary School. Officials of Wuhu and the social practice team of Business School attended the activity. Headmaster of Taoyuan Primary School and the guiding teacher of the social practice team jointly inaugurated for Nankai Reading Room.

During the establishing period of the reading room, members of the practice team communicated with Taoyuan Primary School in advance. They realized that the educational resources of the primary school were limited comparing to the large amount of stay-at-home children, especially lack of the books of science and technology. Members actively collected various books from Tianjin Tanggu No.1 Middle School and other schools, bringing more than 300 books in literature, art, history, science and other areas for students of Taoyuan Middle School.

Business School’s Team of “Love for Taoyuan” developed the half-month activity of supporting education from July 27 to August 13. Because of the hot weather and the tough condition, members and the guiding teacher could only live in the office and sleep on the floor. However, Nankai people are not afraid of difficulties and are brave in overcoming them. For more than 100 students of five grades of the primary school, members provided Chinese, Mathematics, English, Art, Science, Film Appreciation and other interesting courses. They showed the children the outside world, helped them learn advanced culture and scientific knowledge, brought love and care for the children and gave them an opportunity of reading by establishing Nankai Reading Room.

Reported by Cao Lianna, Wang Peijie

School of Mathematical Sciences Established Nankai Reading Room in Siziwang Banner of Inner Mongolia

On July 29, “Rocket Plan” Social Practice Team of School of Mathematical Sciences went to Chengbuzi County, Jishengtai, Siziwang Banner and established Nankai Reading Room in the Museum of Ancient Ruins of Jingzhou Road.

In the morning of July 29, the team arrived at the Museum of Ancient Ruins of Jingzhou Road. The founder of the Museum, Mr. Yue Chengming, CEO of Dacheng Engineering Construction Group Co. Ltd. met the team. Members visited the museum and listened to the introduction of the antiques and related historical context from Mr. Yue. When talking about the initiative of establishing a Nankai Reading Room in the museum, Yue said, one of the purposes was to pass on the national tradition, history and culture. To achieve this goal, improving the native’s cultural level is of necessity as well. He was also planning to establish a reading room in the museum. With the assistance of Nankai alumni and social community of caring people, he hoped to establish a Nankai Reading Room so that people cannot only expand their cultural knowledge, but also cherish the local traditional culture by the transmission of Nankai spirit.

Li Lin, the guiding teacher of the team introduced the motto of Nankai and explained the initiative and the key points of establishing the Nankai Reading Room, combining with the contents of spirt of “dedication to public interests, acquisition of all-round capability”. He also pointed out that establishing the reading room is a practical action of Nankai students in cultivating and practicing socialist core values and realizing Chinese nation’s great rejuvenation and Chinese Dream.

Reported by Zhang Yanhui

College of Foreign Languages Established the First Nankai Reading Room in Qinghai

On July 31, Social Practice Team of Nankai University’s College of Foreign Languages arrived at Red Army’s Western Column Primary School in Salar autonomous region in Xunhua, Qinghai Province, the only primary school in China founded by the Red Army. They carried out the investigation of the educational function mode of traditional culture and established summer social practice base of Nankai University and Nankai Reading Room in Western China.

The social practice team purchased almost 900 books this time. They collected 8,227 yuan from online crowd funding, social donation and school support. This is the first Nankai Reading Room in Qinghai.

Reported by Xiangyu

Translated by Shi Yuchen

Proofread by Yan Ruoyan


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